Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here comes the sun...

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Beatles.....

And there goes a loud round of applause and cheer from the crowd comprising the young and the old, from every nook and corner of the cavern club, Liverpool's world famous live music place where the Beatles and countless other brilliant musicians rode from rags to riches with their amazing performances..the sheer magical effect that their songs had on the masses especially women was remarkable! I have never heard of the power of music any other group has had the kind of power the Beatles music had on people. Women were seen crying desperately just to have a glimpse of the fabulous four.. People shouting slogans in praise of the 4 - the Beatles - John, Paul, George and Ringo were truly Gods of Music who created music as simple and surreal - the words so captivating and beautiful with a theme so simple that people felt immediately connected with. It was an era that made Rock music Religion for many!! It gave them hope - that there's someone always there for you no matter what happens; that life is truly beautiful; that music will keep you moving in your good and bad times and that there's someone out there who truly cares about you..

When I first heard the song "I wanna hold your hand", I completely fell in love with the virtual portrayal of the  guy saying those words to me.. it felt magical..i wanted my guy to say that to me .. exactly like the man the Beatles had portrayed in their songs. No wonder why women all over the world went crazy for the Beatles. They created an illusion - an illusion of the perfect guy.. a guy who is there for the woman come what may.. a guy who truly deeply madly loves his woman and no one else.. a guy who needs her love the way she needs his..The Beatles created a utopia that every girl dreams of...

Their Music truly moved people and will keep enlightening generations to come...

On that, Twist and Shout........and I'll be back again ...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Running Spree

I've always been fascinated by nature. I love the lush greenery around me. The carpet like grass spread across miles on the hills, the cool breeze, the sound birds make when they perhaps talk to each other in the morning. I also love the sound of joggers running in the park- always reminds me of the good old days when I as a kid would run along with my dad in the Patna zoo amongst the health conscious crowd - the seemingly noticeable fat uncles and aunties paving their way across the zoo as me and my dad would walk and run and relax. Me and my dad would always make fun of the fat aunties trying desperately to shed a few pounds while making an effort to run a few miles across the zoo. We laughed and at the same time ran a few Kms everyday. I will always cherish those memories.

A few years passed and the jogger in me was still alive but perhaps hiding somewhere in the woods. It came out only when provoked! I clearly remember the day when as part of the himalayan explorer's club's expedition, a bunch of 1st years were supposed to climb a mountain, and reach the other side where there was a shiva temple. I was told the sight is fascinating and a nature lover's paradise! The jogger in me was excited at the prospect of encountering one of the most beautiful scenery of all times. Mountains on all sides with a temple in between across a lake.
I started walking alongwith my classmates only to realise that the jogger in me had been dormant for years now and needed a certain push from me and my peers. I tried finding the stronger sprinters and following them as they embarked on a journey that I found to be excruciating nonetheless. But I was optimistic. I knew that the end result would make all my troubles and pains go away. I kept walking and running and tried finding shortcuts wherever I could. I tried doing the math as well finding the shortest route displacement wise and then saving some energy. I tumbled a few times too but that did not stop me from reaching my destination. I had promised myself that no matter what I will keep running. And then it started raining!

And oh the smell of the surroundings with the first rains of the season can be mesmerizing! It gave me the kind of adrenalin rush that you get when listening to heavy metal before your end sem exams when you know the music is your only friend - although here I should thank all those nerds who kept notes for the reckless people like me and helped us in those dreadful times - but nevertheless music is well music.

The jogger in me finally came out and I reached my destination. And what a brilliant sight that was! There was this huge temple someone built in the middle of nowhere with mountains on all sides and a tiny lake nearby with worshippers taking a dip in the freezing waters - it was truly mesmerizing! I had never been so close to God as I was then! And I loved every bit of it!

The jogger in me now wants to come out once again and wants me to embark on a journey to the unknown and the untouched! Sigh!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Shiny Brilliance

All around me on this godforsaken island is sheer brilliance of white magic light emanating from all corners and lanes. As I start walking around 6:30 am from my logging unit to the accomodation, I am spellbound by the sheer nothingness and brilliance from the frozen sea at a far off distance from the rig. Its such a remarkable view with the sun rising and spreading its wings in the form of bright orange light in the skyline adjecent to the sea. And the moving fox adds life to this exotic piece of silent art. As I turn on my ipod with Led Zeppelin's no quarter, I am transcended to a different place alltogether. I feel like this place is like heaven somewhere in the clouds where only the gods and their good sons/daughters live. This is the power of music that can take man to a different place when in desperation.. As I keep walking, a strong chilly breeze starts to flow that makes my steps a tad bit longer and the speed faster towards the accomodation. Suddenly, I can find myself striving for breadth as I apply all my energy to walk faster. I realise how difficult it is for man to survive at -34 degrees and so I start running to save my life. Finally I reach the accomodation and thank god to have let me reach my destination without any mishaps. I convince myself , 10 days down, 12 more to go....then I will go back to where I belong, where life would be easy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Its a small world after all!

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face
With stars to fill my dream.
I am a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been.
----Kashmir, Led Zeppelin
Every culture in this world is pretty unique in one way and shows starking similarities with the rest. I sometimes feel blessed to have got the opportunity to work with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. By merely observing them, I concluded that all of us are very similar in what we need and aspire. My observations are purely subjective and are based on my interaction with them and their working styles. In my firm, its all about teamwork. So its important to respect every person's point of view and most importantly to be open to interpretations and ideas. I enjoy working with latin americans as they make the work environment fun and every moment worth enjoying and not thinking about problems in a serious way. That really helps take away some tension and pressure from our sholders.

Back from the dungeon

why do we have dreams? dreams which we know are unrealistic and just a pseudo-force that keeps you going on and on with the desire to achieve them? without dreams man wouldn't think of living a life on this teeny tiny dot in the universe. right from childhood, we start getting dreams obviously when we have some grip over understanding things but I'm not really sure if I dreamt of something when I was like say 2 years old or something. may be I did but I dont remember. I guess dreams become sophisticated with age and wisdom. Sometimes my dreams are interesting and when I wake up, I feel like going back to sleep again just to finish the dream which in most cases is based on some sophisticated story. Just the other day I had a dream that I'm walking on this narrow lane which is real steep from both sides and then as I keep walking it turns out to be a wall located somewhere in the galaxy with nothingness on both sides. It gave me shivers during night. I felt like I'll fall down for sure and then I did when I felt someone pulling me and I woke up suddenly cuz I thot m falling down under gravity that gave me shivers. Some dreams can be real wild while some are just plain lame. I sometimes wish I had a constructive dream where I would solve important issues plaguing the world and then would win the noble prize or something. Maybe I will as life is full of new exciting things lined ahead. Maybe I'll solve the kashmir issue or the energy crisis in one of my dreams. Then I'll be hailed as one of the most remarkable achievers of all times. Sigh. I do live in my very own small world after all!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

just last year, before the summers , i had decided that i am research oriented and will do an MS in industrial engineering from any prestigious university in the US. Research was something that fascinated me immensely. what a word "research" is i would always wonder. you keep searching for something thats a mystery for many and keep searching for that truth which will eventually change perceptions and pre-conceived notions and bring about a drastic change in the way we think and the change would be for the better.
While i was interning with this company in the US which is one of the largest office furniture manufacturer, I realised that even little things that might get unnoticed by many, can have a tremendous influence on you. for instance, who would have thought that a chair needs to be designed properly in order to enhance comfort cuz majority of back problems are caused by poor designing and that leads to inefficiency.